Sunday 9 June 2013

"Do, or do not, there is no try" (Thanks Cathy)

We've been working hard on Seth's Tae Kwon Do revision since he started his classes with Excalibur Martial Arts getting him through the belts. He loves going to his lessons  and since going he has become fitter and a lot more confident. Since passing his purple belt a while back he's been working on the revision for his orange belt. He has had 15 questions to learn including a series of words in Korean. Seth passed his physical a few weeks back and his teacher told him to let him know when he was ready to be asked his questions. 

After going over and over his questions I still didn't think that Seth was feeling confident enough to answer them but I was surprised when Seth told his teacher that he was ready, answered all his questions confidently and was rewarded with his orange belt. We're so proud of him and the look on his face made it quite clear that he was feeling pretty proud of himself too, and to right.

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