Tuesday 11 June 2013

"The blog in its entirety is sincere, heartfelt and utterly colourful. His passion for parenting, and indeed his total admiration for his children, is felt at all times..."

I really don't use our Twitter account as much as i should, If I'm honest i think its a bit lost on me. I'm not on the computer much, In fact i pretty much come on to write my posts and that's it. Id much rather be playing with the boys or of an evening doing lovely things for them ready for the following day. (despite this please add me if you are on Twitter @pirategifts), Tonight though was one of those rare occasions that i clicked on the Twitter logo in my bookmarks toolbar and I'm glad i did. I received this unexpected tweet from itsmygeneration.co.uk.

Its always nice to hear what people think of the blog, I know its loved by family and friends and most importantly the boys but when i get a message like this it really puts a smile on this daddy's face. The write up about the blog is beautifully written and I'm genuinely touched to be included with the other four writers. It's also lovely to know that the blog comes across the way i want it to (you cant always tell being the writer).

Thanks itsmygeneration.co.uk you've really made my evening and the boys will be very happy when they wake up tomorrow. To read the article please click the link below.

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