Sunday 30 June 2013

Yet another proud daddy moment...

Every day without fail Opeie does something that makes me so proud of him. Since starting his potty training 5 weeks ago we have not needed to go back to nappies and for the past three weeks there has been not one accident. He's used toilets wherever we have been and is always letting us know when he needs to go. Earlier while we were tidying the house i walked into the lounge and Opeie was sitting on the potty, he had taken off his shorts and pants and taken care of business himself, what an amazing little chap he is. I was dreading potty training but he has made it all look like a walk in the park.

It's great to know that he is confident enough to go himself and just shows how much more independent he is getting. Lets just hope he never gets to the point where he doesn't need us at all, I don't ever want to feel obsolete.

Well done Opeie I'm so proud of the way your growing up, your an amazing little boy.

Daddy xx

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