Saturday 29 June 2013

"Caught by the fuzz"

Yesterday on The way to school Seth came out with one of his corkers, 

Seth: whenever i put my hand up at school, briar (Seth's carpet partner) always says 'are you putting your hand up to tell on me' and I don't know what to say to him?

Me: we'll are you putting your hand up to tell him?

Seth: YES!!!

Seth is such a grass, I've never known anything like it. He's like a one man police force around school and is always running to tell the teachers when something's not right and then we get the low down when he comes out of school. One day Seth came out of school with a disgusted look on his face and proceeded to tell me how he had to go and tell on a girl because she did a cartwheel and flashed her knickers off. Things have obviously changed since i was at school as that was the sort of thing us boys would laugh about, but not our little head of school security. Seth's has also opted to be on the school council (no surprise there), I'd love to see what he's like in the meetings.

A few weeks back Seth told us that he told someone off for having chocolate in their lunch box (because the school doesn't allow it ), Seth said that the child told him to mind his own business. I laughed and said good on him. I told him I'd have said exactly the same to him when i was at school. Seth looked a little disappointed by my comment but I explained that nobody likes a tell tale, it's not a nice quality to have.

Seth is such a good, well mannered and loving child but he is so highly strung and takes the Weight of the world on his shoulders. He's so concerned about what everyone else is doing that a lot of the time I don't think he enjoys himself as much as he should for a child his age. I've always thought it but it wasn't until a few weeks ago when someone else brought it up and also pointed out that Seth unlike most children Never uncontrollably laughs (unless he's being tickled), he nearly always has a serious look on his face. 

Ill always treat Seth like he's my boy, he's my best friend but I can tell more and more each day where he gets his genes from. Opeie is definitely  more fun loving and as much as I think Mrs M will hate it he's going to be a lot like me with a laid back but rebellious nature. I really don't want Opeie highly strung too I need someone in the house on my side.

Although Seth's grassing at times can be quite entertaining I am a little concerned that if he doesn't get it out of system he's going to alienate himself and make secondary school even more difficult than it can already be. I know he is 6 and he will probably grow out of it but I see it getting worse as the weeks go by. He has a 'Seth knows best' attitude and its difficult to tell him different. I hate to say it but its exactly how i Imagine Mrs M to have been at school. (Sorry sweetie)

Last night I told Mrs M about his telling the teacher comment and for fun every time Seth did something wrong no matter how trivial or insignificant we raised our hands and grassed on him to each other. He didn't like that one bit but I'm quite sure no lesson was learned and he's probably got his arm up now telling someone off for something.

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