Wednesday 5 March 2014

"A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves."

After getting over the initial shock of the sun being out and it being a lovely looking morning, I decided that We needed to make the most of the weather that was lighting up our back garden. We quickly hopped in the car before there was a sudden change and made our way to Shrewsbury to adventure around the castle and hit the charity shops looking for books.

It was such a nice change for the sun to be lighting up the sky and it put us boys on a great mood. If it hadn't have been for the wind blowing us about we might not have noticed the chill in the air.

We had a walk around the grounds and scaled the castle wall. Opeie had packed an adventure bag for himself, a book to read, some toys and a telescope for just in case, well you never know where we're going to end up.

After investigating the area we sat down to read the book Opeie had chosen for the outing 'what was I scared of?' By Dr Seuss. It was nice to be sitting outside reading and it made me think how much I want to be using the trampoline again this year for lying in the back garden and reading books like last summer.

It wasn't long before my little companion was feeling tired so he hopped on his favourite spot, perched on my shoulders and off we went in search of the car.

But not before helping one of the charity shops part with a few Dr. Seuss classics.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

You must have some magical touch, I rarely find decent books in charity shops these days!

Glad you guys had a good day out xx

Rebecca Beesley said...

Great telescope Opeie! x