Monday 31 March 2014

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

Were so happy to be over all the drama from Friday. Seth's operation went by without issue and we couldn't be more relieved. Friday was a strange day which resulted in Mrs M stopping in with Seth over night and me heading home with Opeie. Although I'm always with Opeie (he's been like an extra limb since day one), I'd never actually spent a night alone with him and the thought of it was making me very anxious. That probably sounds a little over dramatic but Opeie's sleep has always been erratic and he has never slept through. That part I can deal with the problem is that Mrs M feeds him through the night and sadly I am ill equipped to give our growing boy what he wants. I had visions of me driving miles down the motorway in the middle of the night to get him to Mrs M or just being up all night with him screaming.

So while Mrs M took care of our big soldier and kept him entertained on the ward I was doing everything I could do to tire Opeie out in hope for a long sleep from fun exhaustion. It's seems the driving to and fro from the hospital, the entertaining Opeie and the anxiety had unfortunately taken it's toll though and I was dropping off by 8pm  with no sign of Opeie feeling sleepy.

It was a strange feeling being away from Mrs M, it kind of felt like we had broken away Into teams for the night. Although Seth was getting increasing annoyed by his cannula Mrs M's hospital updates were putting a smile on my face and I could never be more thankful for FaceTime I wonder how people ever coped without it.


By 9pm Opeie was ready for bed so I sat him down and explained again that mommy wasn't going to be home tonight and it was a little adventure with daddy. Maybe it was luck, exhaustion or that at 3 he fully understood where and why mommy was at the hospital with Seth but he was a real gem and I'm so proud of how he coped with his first night away from Mrs M. He woke up three times but I rocked him straight back off to sleep each time with no tears or issue.

6:15 and he woke with a big smile on his face and eager to go and get his big brother. Mrs M got the thumbs up from the hospital that Seth was being discharged and us boys headed out early  to pick up out well loved cargo. It's amazing how one small change can make such a massive impact on your family life and although the night went by without any problems it made me realise even more how much I love Seth and how much I love and Need Mrs M with me on this amazing adventure through parenthood. As I pulled up outside the hospital and saw Mrs M's hair looking like she'd been dragged through a hedge and hearing Seth tell me how much he loved me and missed me while holding me tight it just made it even more clear how lucky I was and how smitten I am by these three amazing and beautiful people.


Unknown said...

That made me well up. Lots of love to you 4 xxx

Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

Our nightmare last year with meningitis and my broken leg has left us in no doubt that all the money in the world can never replace good health. Glad he's home :) x

Rebecca Beesley said...

What brilliant boys - and both of them having to be brave! x