Wednesday 26 March 2014

"A smile is the chosen vehicle of all ambiguities."

Yesterday while I was cleaning Seth's room I stumbled upon a well hidden box of Lego I didn't even know we had. I'd sat and organised most of the Lego a few weeks back and this box had managed to go undetected. So while we were waiting for tea to cook we emptied out the hidden box and Seth came up with a family Lego competition. Build a futuristic vehicle.

Seth's little face lit up when Mrs M sat down to join in too. I think Seth loves the fact that he can be the master builder and show mommy how to build. I love how he proudly takes the things I've shown him and explains them to Mrs M.

Opeie was busy pottering about so Seth decided Opeie could be the judge. I don't need to tell you out there how much I love Lego, it really is the best toy ever. Anyway after about 40 mins of building, Seth told us it was judging time. We each had to present our creation to Opeie and try and sell it to him, like Dragons den but with Lego. So here are the results as picked by Opeie:

Bronze went to me. I think I lost points for it being a single seater but also because the driver was on his phone while driving, tut tut...

Silver went to Seth and his flying/driving space vehicle that split Into two separate vehicles for excellent getaway, built in CCTV and ejector seat. The Lego vehicle equivalent of a Swiss Army knife...

And gold went to a very proud Mrs M (who couldn't cover up that certificate smile) for her very pink police/fire truck from space. Space to carry baddies below. The driver/pilot is part mutant and has wings for swooping down on the less desirable members of her planet.

Even though he spent the Lego session pottering about Opeie still managed to dazzle us with his building skills by creating this head transporting vehicle. A great little unexpected building session and a fantastic toy that I could happily write about every day.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Well done Mrs M - loved the colour scheme. And that head one really made me laugh - how inventive! x