Saturday 22 March 2014

“Tis hatched and shall be so”

Since becoming part of the Nintendo family bloggers network we've been so excited about receiving our first item to review. So when our first game arrived last week with a huge chocolate Yoshi egg attached the boys were all smiles and ready for a bit of gaming. Seth was the first to play so only fair that it was up to him to take the lead on the post...

"hi its Seth, i was so happy when Pauly said our first game had come from Nintendo, i love my 2ds and really wanted to try a new game. I love writing the blog and being able to play with cool things. We have Yoshi's island for the Ds so i couldn't wait to try out the new one.

I really like Yoshi, he's one of my favourite characters, i like toad too. Yoshi's New island has baby Mario and Luigi in which is cute and Opeie really likes the baby Mario characters. I haven't got far in to the game but i love it when Yoshi eats the really big baddies."

"Opeie is really good at playing the game too, actually Opeie is really good at playing most games. I can't even beat him sword fighting on Sports resort. I'm really looking forward to playing the rest of the game".

The boys have been having so much fun playing and as with all the Mario based games i was hooked from the get go. The game follows suit with the previous releases but the graphics as expected have much better definition. I'm only a few worlds in myself but i love the colourful creative themed levels using different art styles. I'm thinking i might take full advantage of some quiet gaming time in the bath again tonight to catch up.

The game is easy to pick up and play and is great for younger children, Opeie being almost 3 picked it up and played it like he had been playing it for months which i think is great when you have younger gamers in the house who want to get involved in the games their older brothers and sisters are playing.

For me the thing that stands out most about this game are the fun graphics but i also love the new additions from the old game like the giant eggs to throw that destroy pipes and walls and the in level mini games where you can take your fingers off the buttons and use the motion sensors in the console to move around. Its a really great touch to the game and gives it a real edge.

(Apologies for the video quality its difficult filming yourself while playing!)

When the game arrived we downloaded it on to our 2ds so i cant really write about how good the 3ds compatibility is but I'm sure as its a game released by Nintendo it would be amazing.

Blogging for Nintendo is great and I'm in geek heaven. Stay tuned for all our up and coming gaming posts.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Great Review - we can't wait to see what they have in store for reviewing in future too! x