Monday 3 March 2014

“If you like books with happy endings then put this book down immediately.”

Never underestimate the determination I have for completing a collection. I'm a regular visitor of charity shops, wherever we end up on a day out if Theres a charity shop near by ill sniff it out. I've found some great things over the years but mainly (like the basis of this short post) it's all about books. The boys plough through them so picking up cheap books is a necessity. About 8 months a go I found a copy of A series of unfortunate events book one in a charity shop in bridgenorth, I remember the books well from when I was younger and although I'd not read them all I was sure that Seth would really enjoy them despite the gloomy undertone. When I walked in to the next charity shop along and spotted book three staring back at me I took that as a sign.  Vowing never to buy a full price copy of the books our collection began.

Over the first three months we had managed to track down another four of the books and was well on the way to a complete collection of all thirteen. As with any collecting that appears in our day to day life, hunting down Lemony's melancholy works was becoming addictive.

On month 6 of our 8 month literacy adventure it was clear that Opeie was fully on board with the cause when he single handedly tracked down another five of the books (which cost me £1 for them all). We were a little disheartened when we realised at home that we already owned book six and now had two copies but it was a learning curve and I made a note of the copies needed in my phone.

Within two weeks book 4 and book twelve were in our possession our collection was coming to an unfortunate but exciting climax...

For a month and a half the Elusive book 8 had got the better of us,until this Saturday, while house and dog sitting for a friend we took Ferris the dog for his daily bowel movement escapade and walked him into Lichfield town centre where I quickly spotted an Oxfam. Myself and the boys excitedly entered the shop as if we were going to buy a wonka bar in the hopes of a tour around the Wonka factory. On one of the shelves sat book 11, Seth dived towards the fixture incase another Lemony Snicket enthusiast was in store and there tucked neatly behind book 11 was the final book in our collection.

 Book 8 had done it's best to elude us but this time it was myself and my mini readers that came out on top. There was nothing unfortunate about this book adventure and it made it even more clear just how exciting a good read can be.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Wow - that is perseverance to not give up on finding them. That's funny about having to make a note of the ones you've got because J always forgets which ones he already has as he has so many books and we end up with duplicates (but then he gives them to D).