Monday 31 March 2014

Reasons to be thankful for Nintendo - quarantined in the car

I just can't shake this dam lurgy, it feels like we've all had some sort of ailment for quite some time and because I only had an hour sleep last night I feel rough. We've come to see nanny roo as it's Mother's Day and rather than spread my lovely germs around perfectly healthy people I have quarantined myself to the car on the drive. That may sound like a boring way to spend an hour or two for some people but then we work with Nintendo so this sort of quiet time is covered.

Opeie wanted a couple of new games to play for his birthday. He's such a cool 3 year old and is a bit of a Mario geek already which I love as the mustachioed plumber shaped a huge chunk of my childhood. So we got him Mario 3d land. Also it seems that Adventure time has found it's way into our daily life so I thought we would get him the new game too. Ive become a bit of a fan myself.

Being the super dad that I am I thought I should give them both a try for him, at least then I'll know what I'm doing when he inevitably asks for help, so all that's left to do now is put my feet up for an hour or so In our automobile of germs and hope that jumping on a few koopa troopers will help take my mind of this never ending lurgy.

I'll add this to my reasons to be thankful for Nintendo.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

I think Richard often feels the need to 'test' out the games and learn how to get to the next levels in order to help the boys. x