Thursday 7 March 2013

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated."

Apparently nothing lasts forever, that couldn't be more true than when talking about thing's we build in our house. Weeks back I wrote a post about the Lego ice-cream parlour that we built, it took us a couple of weeks to build, yet took about two seconds to destroy. Opeie had been playing with it on The floor when Seth slipped off his chair, tried to keep himself up, lost his balance and went bum first through it. I couldn't stop laughing, Seth on the other hand being the sensitive little chap that he is had a little breakdown.

Thinking i was going to go mad, Seth instantly burst in to tears, looked up with very sad and worried eyes and said "I'm really sorry, I'll do anything, I'm so sorry", bless him. I thought that the fact that i was in hysterics would be comforting for him and would stop him feeling bad but it unfortunately just made the situation worse. After about 20 minutes he calmed down but sadly still didn't see the funny side. I really wish i had have been filming him at the time as his face was priceless.

So what do we do next? what shall we build in its place? Do you guys have any ideas? We only built this because of an idea given to us by one of our readers so if you would like to see us have a go at something then feel free to send your idea's our way and if it gets our creative juices flowing you might just see it on here over the coming weeks. Then you may also see it again a few weeks later when one of the boys have ended up on top of it. That's the great thing about Lego, it may break but that's just a reason to build another interesting piece, the reincarnation of a great toy.

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