Wednesday 16 July 2014

"I am learning to forgive my inner geek, and even value him as a free man."

I'm a bit of an action figure junkie and its something the boys are taking on too, I've been this way for many many years and if it wasn't for that beautiful lady of mine with her love of cushions, chairs and home furnishings then our house would most likely resemble the house in 40 year old virgin. I'm not sure what it is about toys that gives me such enjoyment but one thing I do know is that I have never truly grown up and I'm thankful that I probably never will.

A few weeks back I popped over to see my friend Steve and his lovely family. His little boy is a little older than Opeie and they really play nicely together so it gives me a chance for some adult interaction (which if you are a stay at home parent you'll understand that is a must at times). Steve like me is a LEGO geek and I've been helping him with his series Minifigure collection which is coming along nicely. We got chatting about about nerdy stuff as we do and I found out that he used to own a shop that sold action figures. (Probably a good job that he no longer owns it as it may have put a strain on mine and Mrs M's relationship).

We moved on to the topic of what comics I read (yes I'm the full nerdy package) and he asked me if I'd read 'The Goon', I love the comic and had recently re-read it a couple of years back when I was at the hospital a fair bit helping a family member through a pretty tough time in her life. Thankfully she's alright now and my love of 'the Goon' was rekindled. Steve got up and left the room and returned with all of the figures that had been released and said take them.... Wow, I was in nerd heaven... Free action figures! Surely my life was now complete.

After a couple of 'I can't take these' and with absolutely no twisting my arm up behind my back i agree'd to give them a new home and they look great in the boys room (because that's the only room I'm allowed toys, boooooo!). Seth has since informed me that he would like to read the comic but I think it will be many years before that happens, it is a little dark after all. Obviously I went straight home and sorted some more LEGO out for Steve's collection and I will always be thankful of the very kind gesture. Thanks Steve.

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