Monday 28 July 2014

"Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community."

Seth is a huge fan of life simulation Games, if you can create your own community, stories  and alternative life then he's all over it. In the past though I've found that he loses interest gradually, that was until we received Nintendo TomoDacHi life for the 3ds. I'll be honest this isn't really my sort of game usually but I found watching Seth play this was really entertaining. It's been a while since I've seen Seth get this excited by a game but the fact that you can really use your imagination on this is definitely the reason why it's so popular here.

The boys love creating Mii Chatacters and with TomoDacHi Life you are encouraged to build character after character and then welcome each one in to the interactive world you have created to form friendships and sometimes romance, The more people you create at the start the more attractions you unlock. Seth has come up with some fun characters and thinks it's great that you can also pick different voices for the people you add to the game. Once you have created your character you also design their living quarters. I'm not sure if as a parent I should be worried but ALL of Seths characters live in jail cells, hmmmm....

We've only been playing this for three weeks and Seth has unlocked many new shops and attractions for his world, I get the feeling though that we have only touched the surface and game play has many more exciting features to uncover. The game makes you chuckle from time to time also with the crazy things that pop up during conversations.

There is so much to do while you are playing and the game play is really addictive, id actually like it for myself too, i was a little gutted that you can only have one game saved unlike many other Nintendo 3DS games but then this is a continually growing game so storage would be an issue. During play you can hand out songs you can become a musician with a variety of different musical genres...

Seth had an issue with the game when he first started playing, when in a very serious voice he told me about his concerns that when feeding your characters there were no healthy options. As the game goes on though more options become available. This only sparked more concern though when Seth realised that most of his characters didn't like spinach! they would'nt last 5 minutes in our partially vegan household.

With so much to do this is the sort of game that can keep you occupied for a huge amount of time. Every part of the game is personalised by yourself and you can be as creative as you like. If i had the game for myself i think i would just have Mii characters for every person i come into contact with, friends family the postman, it would be so much fun. on top of a community to build, places to shop, relationships to form there are lots of minigames to play and ways to earn money to keep your characters fed and entertained. I think this game is going to be around for a long time and i hope its the sort of game that comes with regular fun updates.

Ill write about the game again in a months time to see Seth progress as he seems to pick it up whenever he has a spare minute, on car journeys or sometimes if he wakes up early and cant get back to sleep. The 3ds consoles are amazing and i would be lost without mine now.

Well its time for the boys to have a bath now...

...and then maybe a little more family game time.

so until next time, happy gaming. 

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