Wednesday 2 July 2014

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Being picked to write for Bigjigs toys for another year is amazing. We had so much fun reviewing some great products last year. A few days back our first package came for 2014 and the boys were so excited to see what was inside. The contents gave us a great excuse to get the trains out as they hadn't seen the light for about 6 months.

The Rail and Road Overground Station Is a great addition to our ever expanding Bigjigs rail set. The boys loved this from the moment they unboxed it as it's the first larger rail piece they have had with an upper level. The weather has been great so we threw caution to the wind and built our track on the uneven grass in the back garden. One of the great things i love about Bigjigs products is that everything is so robust, you can be as heavy handed as you like.

The piece is great as it connects both Bigjigs road and rail sets together which i love. Bigjigs rail has such a nice classic feel to it and i love the boys playing with trains as it takes playing back to when it was a little more simple and imagination was the key ingredient. Its so easy these days to get dragged into new technology that its nice for the boys to be able to take a step back. Plus i always think that the boys play much nicer together with these sort of products as it encourages team work.

With our Bigjigs package also came a set of Farm Skittles which i planned to write a seperate review for but the boys being so creative and using their imagination they included the skittles in to their play beautifully. Seth placed the farmer and his animals on the platform to wait for their train (minding the gap of course). After boarding they were taken around the scenic route of our garden.

Opeie took a less delicate approach and lined them up on the road and used a car to mow them down. Not the sort of play we would expect from our animal loving vegan friendly boy.... but very creative.

As always when the Bigjigs toys come out, it was a fun hour or so of family bonding and It is so much nicer to be able to take our toys outside while the sun is out. One of the many things i love about Bigjigs Rail is the vesatility, no two tracks that we build are the same so this toy reinvents itself every play.

We took the Farm Skittles to Nanny and grandads a few days back too and Opeie and grandad had a lovely game (they've got great flooring for it). As expected these are two great products from a company we have grown to adore over our time working with them.

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