Monday 14 July 2014

"Whatever good things we build end up building us."

LEGO!!!! It is an addiction that i have been rubbing off on to my children for many years. Not a week goes by that we don't wander in to our local Smyths store looking for new products. The Series Minifigures are a huge thing with us, one of the main reasons for me is the cost, as a parent you have so many outgoings that its not always possible to have much of a disposable income for things like toys and games (although i would happily spend every spare penny we had on LEGO but Shhhhh.....)

We completely missed series 1 of LEGO's collaboration with Cartoon Network the Mixels range and I'm kicking myself now. Mixels are perfect pocket money priced kits that are fantastic for either adding to your expanding LEGO collection or a great way to kick start the addiction that follows once you start building with this cult status building product.

Changing the subject completely (don't worry i'll find my way back). One of the things i love about visiting Mrs M's parents is how much they get involved with the boys. When we go to see them within minutes they are down on the floor playing so i tend to take a step back as its really nice to watch them building a great relationship. Today i decided to take the Frosticons tribe from LEGO Mixels series 2 with me knowing that Grandad loves building things and i left him and Opeie to a fun bit of LEGO creating.

It wasn't long before things moved to the table so that they could really get stuck in. LEGO has been such an important factor in the great relationship i have built with the boys. When we sit down to build we are a team and together we come up with some great ideas so seeing Opeie building with Grandad was lovely to watch. Grandad was really getting in to the building too which was fab, i think we'll have to gradually move him up to bigger creations it would be great to have a big family build.

 The Mixels are really great mini kits and i think in comparison to the minifigures you get a lot more LEGO for your money. From a custom builders view these kits are great for interesting new mini pieces that you don't get in other kits. The teeth and eyes used on some of the Mixels have been great new parts that we didn't already have in our ever expanding collection of bricks and have given me a great idea for a future Mixels post that we will work on over the next few weeks. 

The fact that the three kits from the same tribe (Flexers, Fang Gang and Frosticons) can be combined to make an uber Mixel is a great addition to building. Before getting these and even though i am a HUGE LEGO fan i failed to do my homework and i hadn't even realised they were a collaboration with Cartoon Network or that there was a cartoon to accompany the kits (very clever on their part as i imagine its really boosting sales). As with many of LEGO's product themes there is the Calling  all Mixels app released to run along side the products release. Its another great way to make the most of these interesting LEGO kits.

Thanks to LEGO today was another great chance for Opeie to spend some quality time with his ever doting grandparents.


Anonymous said...

They look really easy to build and fun. I'm thinking they might be good to have in the car on long journeys or on the plane? What do you think pirates?

Also, I have a 19 hour journey coming up, what are your top toys?

Rebecca Beesley said...

Those Mixels look great. J was just reading about them today in his LEGO magazine. Sounds great that you can mix and match them in each tribe! x