Thursday 24 July 2014

"If you do not expect the unexpected you will not find it, for it is not to be reached by search or trail."

I love living in Shropshire, there are so many beautiful places to walk around and spend our time. Yesterday I had a text from our friend saying she had found an amazing place to spend the morning adventuring with the children and she really wanted to show us. So being the inquisitive chap that I am I said how about this morning. I packed us a spot of lunch and typed the postcode in to my phone (which I would be lost without) and we started our journey to what our friend Emma described as a hidden magical wonderland.

'You have reached your destination' said my phone. Despite driving down this road many times I'd never noticed the place and this time was no different, I drove past it and continued for half a mile up the road before turning around to try again. I finally spotted the sign and as we drove down a drive of  interestingly pruned trees we were greeted by a friendly looking scarecrow... With a dog face...

Emma turned up soon after with Opeie's friends Wilberforce and Waldon and after a brief chat with Ralph a really nice chap that lives on the grounds our morning along this well hidden nature trail began. Well Emma was right, the place was amazing, in fact it kind of blew my mind as I really wasn't expecting it. The trail was like something from a children's book, caves, woodcarvings, archways, hidden huts, a stream running through and plenty to look at a long the relaxing walk.

We love hanging out with Emma and the boys and It's adorable watching Opeie and Wilberforce chatting away and playing. The boys waved sticks around and searched for interesting things to look at, occasionally we heard 'I want that stick' despite there being piles of sticks all over the place... kids!!! Its so important to get out and about taking in nature. Although we all love our gadgets there's nothing quite like being out in the fresh air investigating and spending time with people we like being around, having Opeie and being a stay at home dad has given us the chance to meet some really amazing people (you know who you are).

It was the perfect length walk for young children with more than enough to keep their imaginations running wild. Had it have not been for two very tired boys i could have happily stayed there all afternoon. I wonder what else is hiding in Shropshire??

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Rebecca Beesley said...

what a cool place. Always great to find hidden gems on your doorstep. x