Wednesday 9 July 2014

"I will preach with my brush."

A few weeks back Gifts from the Pirates became one of the bloggers for There was always going to be an appeal to work with them due to them having an ethically sound business and a great selection of organic beauty and lifestyle products. Being someone that takes the Ingredients that go into products seriously, a family that does their best to buy everything they can organically and the respectable writer I have become over the years you would think that my first choice of product to review would be a well thought out, researched product...

Nope! My childish side came out and I based my decision on the first thought that came into my head when I saw the product 'woah that looks like some sort of toothbrush for a comic book character, it's huge!'. Well my strong sense of Intrigue got the better of me that day so it was a Radius Original toothbrush for me and Mrs M and I couldn't wait to give it a try.

On arrival Mrs M tore it straight out of the packaging and marched to the bathroom, I was a little more reserved and read the packaging first and waited until my evening brushing routine. It was a thumbs up as soon as she returned but said initially it does feel a little odd having that much brush in your mouth.

My dentist informed me last year that I have an exceptionally small mouth and he finds working on my teeth a challenge at times so I was interested to see how I was going to manoeuvre the brush around my mouth. Turns out it isn't that small and the brush found its way round with the greatest of ease. Mrs M was right it does feel odd to start but as I got into my 3 minute routine I was impressed at how nice it felt almost massaging my gums (part of the design size is to stop your gums receding with gentle massaging above the teeth). We've never been the sort of people to buy cheap brushes unless were caught short and I've forgotten to pack them on a weekend away but £10 did seem a little steep. I took that thought back straight away though as it glided along my front teeth, this is a great brush, when you look into the materials used for the brush you can see why it is slightly more expensive. The handle is made from wood cellulose and the bristles a planet friendly castor bean oil. Radius do boast that the quality of the brush is so superior that it lasts around 3x longer than most brushes on sale, up to 9 months, i think that's pretty amazing and suddenly the cost doesn't seem an issue at all.

beacause of the size of the handle a lot of thought has gone into the shape and its really comfortable to hold, yes i know most people would say 'its just a toothbrush' but i can guarantee most people will be drawn in on the first use. As the large handle is shaped perfectly for your hand it is also available for left handed brushers too. A great comfortable brush and worth every penny, I'd be interested in trying one from the Scuba  range. One of the things i loved most about this toothbrush aside from it being better for the environment was there was no build up at the base of the bristles it stays completely clean once run under the tap.

A great bit of kit and the quality and style you would expect from a product stocked by Mypure.


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Rebecca Beesley said...

Congrats on becoming MyPure bloggers. I think thats a fabulous choice of product to review - although i did laugh when i read the reference to comic book characters. Even 'standard' toothbrushes are quite pricey these days so it probably is worth spending a little more on getting a superior product.