Tuesday 22 July 2014

"One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak."

I'm determined to take full advantage of this glorious weather we've had over the last few weeks and with Seth being off now too there's even more reason to get out and about and soak up some vitamin D. Before Mrs M left for work she put the words Carding mill valley in the boys heads so thanks to that there was nowhere else we would be. It was a beautiful morning and after packing a lunch we piled in to the car and headed to our destination (but not without grabbing the usual bulk of toys).

Being up, dressed and ready for action to drop Mrs M at the train station is great as like this morning when we arrived at Carding Mill it was quiet and peaceful, there was only one other car on the car park... Bliss! Seth wanted to head straight towards the waterfall as he had never been before, I knew it was going to be quite a struggle for Seth because of his muscles but I don't ever want to hold him back. With plenty of patience, long stops and a bit of carrying I got the boys there safely and from the look on Seth's face it was well worth the wait.

I'd never ventured any further than the waterfall but Seth being the adventurer that he is insisted we climb to the top. This part was a little more difficult and it meant I had to carry one of them up and sit them somewhere safely while I went back for the other. When we got to the top we spotted a small flat piece of land for our picnic that was next to the stream running down to the waterfall. It was such a beautiful spot and gave us the chance to cool our feet off in the cold water.

After messing around for a while, chatting about everything and nothing and hunnting for grasshoppers we headed back in the direction of the car throwing rocks in the stream a long the way. The boys were clearly shattered but we still managed to stop for a game of frisbee before heading home.

Within five minutes they were both asleep in the back of the car and because of the heat I felt like I could have joined them. I really hope this weather carries on because its beginning to shape our summer holidays perfectly.

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