Thursday 23 August 2012

"Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us."

It doesn't happen all that often but every now and again you can find a gem when rummaging through the charity shops. Today i popped to the chemist in Ironbridge for a packet of wet wipes for my messy little boy. On the off chance i decided to pop in to the only charity shop on the high street, mainly to look through the books for Opeie as hes really starting to get into his books. I did find a Maisy book that he didn't have but the Gem was staring at me as i walked in amongst the naff board games and a pair of tatty roller skates.

I'm not a massive Transformers fan but Seth occasionally likes to watch the cartoon, what he does love though is masks and he doesn't really care what they are, the only specification is they cant be girly. In Seth's words today "i wish i had every mask in the world".

It was just me and Opeie that had gone to the shop so after we headed down to the park to Mrs M and Seth. Seth had gone on an adventure in the woods with auntie lotty so when he got back Mrs M told him that the Pirates had sent it express delivery to the park for being so good.  He was  a very excited little boy and it was by far the best £2 i had ever spent.


Chris said...

You lucky fella! That's probably the best £2 spent ever!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

i think so. i pounced on it thinking i better grab it quick and then thought to myself im in ironbridge and not everyone is a massive geek like me hahaha.

Laura said...

£2 what a bargain!!!!

pete said...

I wish that I had been in there!!!