Monday 30 June 2014

"Heroes in a half shell, Turtle power"

The End.

Despite being huge LEGO fans the Turtle Sub Undersea chase, is the first of the TMNT themed LEGO we have owned, surprising really as the Turtles were something i was in to back when i was a child. This is a great kit with some really interesting pieces, which is something that really interests me as a custom builder. The minifigures are really interesting and the boys loved the detachable shells. As the kit doesn't come with all four turtles, we went out and bought Kraang Lab Escape and Mutation Chamber Unleashed just so we had the whole team. While buying the two kits i also noticed the TMNT Juniors easy to build kit, we recently bought the Junior Batman kit and i think they are great for getting younger builders into the magic of LEGO. There's plenty of choice in the LEGO TMNT range.

The Turtle Sub is great for roleplaying and is quite a large sturdy vehicle which fits all four turtles and other minifigures. As you would expect from LEGO the kit is really well thought out with moving fins as you push it along, rockets and a baddie ship to chase, Everything you need for underwater Turtle adventures.


Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

Excellent story - and beautifully executed! I can't believe that you have never owned any TMNT LEGO before! It's a great set :D

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thanks for the message, I know I'm quite ashamed of myself. We've got a few now though. Really need to get that Simpsons house at some point. X

Lego addict of 3 said...

Wow, great post, love reading your blog as it's so unique and fun! Are you going to Legoland anytime soon?