Sunday 3 August 2014

"A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life."

Yesterday we had planned to go out for some scooting fun with our friend Lucie (from MageeandMagoo) and the kids. We were really looking forward to it as we had not been out on them for a week or so. Surprise Surprise the weather had other ideas though and about an hour before we were supposed to meet, the heavens opened and it thrashed it down so that ruined our plans to get the Microscooters out. At least the snails were having a great time...

Lucie Suggested that we meet at the library which i thought was a great idea as shamefully i had never taken Opeie before. Until now we had picked up most of our books from charity shops, Amazon or eBay and the boys go through a lot. We arranged which one to meet at and i didn't even know it was there despite Opeie going to his dance class a while back in the same building (Mrs M says i walk around with my head in the clouds). Opeie was pretty chuffed when we arrived and he got his own special card for taking out books.

I don't know why i hadn't taken Opeie before, there were so many great books to choose from and the fact that you can take out 16 at a time is great. A large pile of books quickly formed and Opeie was pretty excited about being there which was great, hes a bit of a bookworm and we plough through piles every week so our new use of the library is going to work out perfectly.

 Lucie and the children soon joined us and Opeie got even more excited. It was a great place for us to chat and catch up while the children picked the books they wanted to read and we managed to find some great new books that i probably wouldn't have found elsewhere. It was great to see some Miffy and Dr Seuss books too but no need to take them home as we have them all haha.

Opeie made it his mission to hunt for every Fox related book in the childrens section and managed to fing a fair few which i thought was great. He's got even more in to the whole fox thing recently which is so cute and we definitely have enough pictures now for our next foxy installment so stay tuned.

 We took full advantage of the 16 books limit that we could take out and now have plenty to keep us occupied until.. well probably tomorrow knowing Opeie. With books so easy to buy these days i think the Library probably gets a bit of a rough deal. The supermarkets these days have a great selection so id not had any reason to go but yesterdays trip made me realise again that there is so much available and at no cost. I used to love going to the library myself when i was younger and hopefully it will be something Opeie will see as exciting over the coming weeks.

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