Monday 11 August 2014

"Where are you meeting him?" "Here, by these rocks, And his favourite food is roasted fox".

It's been a fairly quiet few days on the blog as there has been so much other stuff going on at Gifts from the Pirates HQ, not to mention a huge new box on mixed LEGO that i acquired from eBay (oops) keeping me quite occupied. As my nights have been taken up by other things I thought this would be the perfect chance to bombard you with fox pictures. Yes, it's about that time for the next installment of the GFTP Fox hunt. A little game that Opeie started about a year and a half ago after reading Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. 

Opeie has really upped his game over the last few months and his fox sightings have been crazy. Because he is at a lower level than me he picks up on so much that i miss. So here they are for your enjoyment.

 A couple of weeks back we had a surprise package from a PR company that we work with and it was exciting to see that they had joined in too and sent us Fennekin the Pokemon fox, Opeie has been taking it everywhere with him, very cute.

During our last trip to the Library Opeie went in to full on Fox mode and spotted lots of different variations of our sly woodland friend...

I know what you're thinking is this post over yet? I've had my fill of foxes! Sorry Opeie has been on a Foxy rampage so there's still more...

And there you have it, apart from one other image which is amazing and I'm really jealous of. A few weeks back our good friend Chris who is a photographer and blogs over at Gingerjamphoto hired a fox for a shoot and the pictures were beautiful. After all our posts about our foxy finds it would be great to have an actual photo of us with a real fox... one day!

Anyway until next time fox lovers, i can't see this game coming to a halt any time soon. If there's a fox to be found, us Gifts from the Pirates lot will track them down!!!

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