Monday 11 August 2014

"From my tribe I take nothing, I am the maker of my own fortune."

Since receiving the three LEGO Mixels tribes a few weeks back our usual large scale builds that we work on have dropped in size. Thanks to the new eye pieces and teeth (which I find the most interesting) the boys have been building miniature monsters, which is great for me as a builder too as it is getting the boys more familiar with the smaller more intricate pieces that LEGO has to offer. A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the Frosticons Tribe and this time round it's the Fang Gang that are getting all our attention.

Last week Seth had one of his many hospital appointments that he has throughout the year. It's a fair drive to get there so it means me and Opeie waiting around too (which can get a little boring). As the sun was out I packed a bag of things to do including the brown bagged LEGO Mixels Fang Gang Tribe to keep us entertained. At only £3 per pack these are perfect for taking places to entertain and there are a surprisingly great amount of fun pieces inside, great for adding to our awesome LEGO collection.

There are some really interesting parts throughout the Mixels range and it's great to have parts I use a lot in custom building in different colours. One of the things that we love most about the Mixels Range and LEGO in general is that once you have collected the three piece Tribe the fun isn't over, you can go online to get the instructions to merge the three and create one of the Mega Mixels or see where your imagination takes you.

I think the collaboration between LEGO and Cartoon Network has been executed perfectly giving people the chance to build their LEGO collection at pocket money prices. Later in the week I'll be reviewing the final tribe in series 2 and creating something a little different with the help of my two little LEGO enthusiasts.

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