Sunday 31 August 2014

"There's nothing safe about Pollutonium. It's everything toxic in the world concentrated into a single substance"

Remember that villainous bad guy Adam Acid from the LEGO Ultra Agents Riverside Raid? Not the nicest of chaps but we managed to defeat him and save the day (and the president). It was another victory for the Gifts from the Pirates boys... 

What happened after that day sent the boys in to an almost emotional meltdown. Adam acid escaped from their custody and instantly turned on the attractive one in the family while we were not looking. Mrs M was helpless and using some sort of toxic mind control the villain sent her in to a trance...

Episode 2:

Since the transformation in to this villainous vixen the citizens of Astor City have not been safe. She has been on a rampage dumping toxic waste and sludge at every chance. While i went hunting for my toxic green wife to be, the boys enlisted the help of our friend Chris to build the lab, cure mommy of her problem and find a permanent way of safely disposing of the sludge.

With 465 pieces to work out and put in their correct place, and with Toxikita destroying the city the boys were racing against the clock. Half way through the build tragedy stuck, it was time for us to leave Chris' but our lab wasn't complete, would Toxikita ruin everything if we didn't deal with the situation right away?

 Image taken from the LEGO Ultra agents iPad app...

Mommy Toxikita saw her chance to start building herself a toxic helicopter to spread more dangerous rubbish over Astor City (this was so out of character for Mrs M she's usually more like the Lorax). Despite there being some interesting pieces and although it was an intricate build It wasn't long before she and her toxic henchman had built their ship ready to unleash all manner of horrors over the city (and in pretty amazing matching colours too, it's like I always say it's all about accessorising).

Back at home the boys began work again on the lab and there really was no time to spare. Toxikita was out of control and needed to be stopped, was this the end of Astor city? (Of course not I know you are all hoping for episode 3.)

With the lab finally complete the boys put on their ultra agents fancy suits and helped Agent Curtis Bolt To rescue mommy (hang on! what happened to me? Wasn't I at the start? Clearly I'm just the narrator these days).

After a dangerous and heated chase through the city the boys and Agent Curtis Bolt Had Toxikita and her henchman cornered. The stand off didn't take too long though when Agent Bolt Pulled out an interesting bit of secret agent kit designed by the lab geeks and stunned the two menaces.

They managed to get the two trouble makers back to the lab and prepped for toxic removal. 5 minutes later and a virtually painless procedure and Mrs M was back to her old self. It was only fair to sort the henchman out too.... "Dad!" (Well me and Mrs M do like to do everything together).

It was a very stressful few days in the lab but the nerds came up with a way to store all the toxic waste safely and made it possible to use it to power Astor City, which was starting to get back to normal after the near toxic disaster.

Despite Mrs M being under the control of Adam acid the courts still held her accountable for the cities damage, it was a desevestating blow for the Gifts from the Pirates boys. 

Luckily she escaped serious jail time as long as she aggreed to attended her bad guys anonymous meeting once a week until her rehabilitation was complete

The End... 

*As always LEGO have made another fantastic kit and the LEGO Ultra Agents range have a great selection of kits with new characters, parts and a gripping story to go with the characters of Astor City. There is no end to the fun you can have with LEGO, all you need to go with any of their kits is a little creativity. Stay tuned for the next epic adventure and see who the boys battle next. If you cant wait that long the boys have just informed me its going to be the Nedbot 3000... Terrifying!!

Until next time happy building LEGO addicts.

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