Tuesday 26 August 2014

"The best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain."

It's been a pretty bleak few weeks with all of us being ill at some point or other. I still feel really awful myself and I'm surprised I'm writing this instead of curling up on the sofa under a blanket. It's typical that we would all feel like this during Seth's summer holiday and Mrs Ms week off last week that she had booked for a long time seemed like a bit of a waste.

This morning I didn't feel to bad (that didn't last) but the weather had other ideas about us getting out and doing anything. It was absolutely thrashing it down and with Mrs M going back to work today the two kick started the day on a bit of a down note. On the way home from dropping her off we chatted and decided to write a list of activities to do today and tick them off as we go along.

First up make a mask! I've been introducing the boys to more cartoons from when I was younger, they love hearing stories from my childhood and I think they feel a part of it when we are watching old shows. Opeie's latest retro cartoon obsession is Bananaman, so Opeie made it quite clear that on this drizzly day he wanted to be transformed in to the banana eating hero. Seth as always wanted to be the bad guy so he decided on Appleman. I love craft activities like this as they are quick and we can move on before they lose interest.

Next we built a base which soon became  two bases so that we could combine that  with 'play fight' off the list. The Boomco guns came out and within minutes there were darts flying round everywhere.

Next up was 'play on the Wii', which suited me perfectly as it gave me the chance to clear up the battle arena quickly without either boys hanging round my legs. It also meant that I could get the lunch on early in hope that I could get Opeie down for a decent timed nap.

It turned out that I didn't need to worry about that though as the adorable big brother had it covered. We took Opeie to bed with a pile of books and after I'd read a couple Seth offered up his services which resulted in a very relaxed Opeie and a poorly Pauly getting about 10 minutes myself, Oopsy.

While Opeie was asleep we moved on to LEGO and Seth continued working on something pretty awesome which I will write a full post about very soon. I'm so proud of how creative he's getting with his building.

By the time Opeie had woken up the rain had stopped and the sky was relatively clear so we jumped at the chance to get our shoes on and venture out in hope that the weather was going to play ball. Mrs M had mentioned that she needed some apples and Blackberries so we hit all the hotspots from last years scrumping but our haul was a little disappointing.

Opeie soon had enough so we headed home to play some more LEGO. It wasn't long before it was time to pick Mrs M up again so we were all excited about seeing that beautiful face of hers. It was great actually being out of the house for a bit and I had high hopes for tomorrow but as Mrs M has just had to ring our out of hours doctor for an appointment this evening I think I'm going to need a little more than hope. Guess we'll be making another list in the morning and fingers crossed Seth can get me down for a well deserved afternoon nap.

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