Sunday 31 August 2014

"So he kept eating books... And he kept getting smarter... ...and smarter ...and smarter. He went from eating books whole to eating them three or four at a time."

Going to the Library has been great for ploughing through books with the boys at no cost. I'm annoyed at myself for not taking advantage of it sooner as we've brought hundreds of books for Opeie (and Seth) over the years...

 ...many of them once finished with, finding their way to charity shops or have been read so much that they have fallen apart and we've used them for craft activities. 

Our visits to the library have also introduced us to one of Opeie's new favourite authors and Mine and Mrs Ms favourite children's illustrators. I'm surprised with all the books we've read to Opeie Oliver Jeffers hadn't popped up sooner. As soon as we had read 'this moose belongs to me' we were all hooked and as soon as we had returned the few of his books we had borrowed from the library I went on a mission to get our own copies of these beautifully written and illustrated books.

With Mrs M being a huge Dick Bruna fan and me being a Dr Seuss addict it's actually nice for us to get into a childrens author a little more recent. We haven't gone a bed time for weeks without having at least one of his stories read before the boys go to sleep and it's great that Seth has got really in to them too and has even been reading them to his little brother.

We're always on the lookout for new books and Authors so if there's anyone you can recommend send your recommendations our way. Our new love of Oliver Jeffers has started yet another page in Opeie's reading diary and it seems there is no stopping Opeie's love of books.


Derek R. Douglas said...

Hey there, I just discovered your website today and I can already tell we're going to be friends! I'm a (relatively) young father of 3 kids under 6, who works from home, just starting up as a children's book illustrator. What you're doing here and in your family is just great and inspiring!

New books and Authors: Oliver Jeffers is awesome. I love when both the story and art in kids books are strong, probably because I’m an illustrator but also a children’s book writer in the midst. Some of both my kids and my favourites are the following;
"Jack and The Flum Flum Tree" written by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by David Roberts
"The Great Lollipop Caper” written / illustrated by Dan Krall
“Iggy Peck, Architect” written by Andrea Beaty & illustrated by David Roberts
“The Curious Garden” written / illustrated by Peter Brown
“Children Make Terrible Pets” written / illustrated by Peter Brown
“The Mighty LaLouche” written by Matthew Olshan & illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Some great books here and I hope to be adding to the list with some of my own one day.
Cheers, Derek

GiftsFromThePirates said...

hey Derek,
cheers for the message its always nice to hear from people who have stumbled on to the blog. i did try and email you using the email address on your blog but it bounced back? thanks for the recommendations i will definitely look in to those. I hope you are having a great day and i look forward to hearing from you again. Pauly.