Wednesday 13 August 2014

"If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older."

Since writing for Nintendo it has kick started some serious nostalgia when it comes to my gaming. As I have said many times before gaming was a big thing for me when I was younger, it was a way to escape from other things that were going on in my life and Nintendo definitely shaped a huge chunk of my mental and emotional development. Here in Shropshire we have a local Facebook page where people sell their unwanted items and a few weeks back there was a blast from my past that popped up in my news feed.

Instantly I thought about all the games I used to love and fun times camping in the garden getting drunk and sitting up all night playing with friends. I managed to haggle the seller down to £15 which was a steal and this little nerd was very excited when I got it home. The next few days were taken up by me mooching through eBay pages looking for the games I loved and it gave me a chance to play games I found that I didn't realise had even been released.

At first Seth thought the console was really funny, many of the games seem pretty basic compared to the hand held games that you get on the 3DS these days but what I love about the boys is how they get really excited about things from my youth. They love all the old shows I liked as a child (in fact we just woke up and are watching the Super Mario Bros Super Show). I wonder what the boys would think though if I got my hands on the original Gameboy, Seth had a good chuckle when he saw one in the science museum a few weeks back.

The recent retro addition to our Nintendo family has been a lot of fun and has reminded me of many good times with friends. It's nice to think that the boys will probably have some similar great memories of us all sitting down together and playing and I love that again their gaming development has been shaped by Nintendo.

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