Friday 15 August 2014

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

It's been a while since i wrote a post about the music that is keeping Opeie entertained these days. He really does enjoy listening to music which i adore as it is such a huge thing with me and Mrs M. Because we both have quite eclectic taste it means that the boys get to hear a wide range of different kinds of music and plenty of different genres. Kicking off this musical post is a track by Ugly Duckling, Opeie can be found regularly busting a move to this track in the car...

We dance a fair bit at home and if people could see what goes on in our lounge i think they would be quite entertained at times. Its a great way to de-stress and on the odd occasion there is a slight fall out in the house then one of the ways we get over that is dancing like maniacs for half an hour. Mrs M likes to put on a body suit and a sweatband, shes definitely the ringleader when it comes to sporadic dancing.  Opeie shares our love of the Uber classic...

..."Nobody puts baby in the corner"

Its not all about crazy dancing though, sometimes when we are in the car Opeie likes to (in his words) be a 'Rockstar' and one of his favourite tracks at the moment is Boxcar racer 'i feel so'. I always wonder what people think at the train station in the morning when we drop Mrs M off and they see us pull up with Opeie headbanging in the back with a cute but serious look on his face.

I like to think that the boys get the chance to listen to all sorts as i said me and Mrs M listen to a broad variety of music and One of the more obscure tracks that Opeie has found interesting is by Cocorosie a band i have loved for many years. I recently downloaded their new album and for some reason this track really appealed to Opeie. I think it is great that he really knows what he likes and personally i think that music is really important, a lot more so that watching TV shows. Songs can really take you back and there are many track that remind me of the happy times of my childhood. Its nice to think that the boys might feel the same in years to come.

I'd say that a huge chunk of my listening to music is taken up by Country or Bluegrass, I am a bit of a redneck at heart. I do love listening to music from my teenage years though its great for nostalgia. I was a really alternative teen (and still am in some ways), always going to gigs and nearly always had my headphones in my ears. Again i loved a variety of music and was partial to a bit of pop punk. While most of my friends were loving Blink 182 it was all about New found Glory for me. Thanks to the Pickin' on series i can now listen to a band from my youth but in a Bluegrass style and Opeie has fallen in love with one track. What i love about this song is Opeie lets himself go and sings at the top of his lungs, it's adorable.

Music will continue to be a huge thing in our house and i hope it is something the boys can look back on for happy memories or be out somewhere, hear a track and be transported back to a time when we were all smiling and messing around together. Music can shape your whole life, help you unwind but also help you deal with some of the tougher times that life throws at you, it' got me through some of the tougher family times growing up and in my young adult life. Bob Marley once said "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."

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