Thursday 2 January 2014

"All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast."

Being a stay at home dad there always seems to be so much to do in the house on a daily basis and as I like to prioritise our play time over everything else there just doesn't seem to be enough time to take care of it all. That probably sounds like I'm complaining a little but I wouldn't have it any other way, playtime is the most important part of our day. It's nice though when the children get a little older and they can help out with daily tasks and I can make it into a game, 'first one to tidy up the toys doesn't smell like the back of the bin van!'.

Mornings are always the most stressful especially getting Seth ready for school and making sure that Mrs M has everything she needs for work and were out the door on time. Thanks to our house becoming a sort of co-op of businesses, the opening of 'Opeie's Diner' has really taken the load off in regards to the making of breakfast. 

The Le Toy Van Toaster Set has been a life saver, fueling up the troops before departure and our happy little entrepreneur diner owner is more than happy buttering round after round of tasty play toast. The toaster has been used daily since the diner opened and I can see why, the vintage design is so cute and the spring action that pops your toast up when done is fantastic for children's role play. 

Opeie loves chopping and cutting when we're playing with the play food so being able to slice the butter with the knife and plate that comes with the set went down well and he loves serving our toast with plenty of butter and jam on. The chunky wooden design is great for younger role playing enthusiasts as its very robust and there's no fear of small parts coming off, which is great for us busy parents that need to pop out of their sight briefly at times.

I can see that the Toaster will continue to be one of Opeie's favourite role playing toys and its got me looking at the Other great items from the Le Toy Van Range. As Opeie changes his menu he'll need the appliances to keep up. I'm thinking that play baking will be next on our agenda. In the meantime Opeie can keep the buttery breakfast coming our way.

The Le Toy Van Toaster Set can be found at along with a great selection of Le Toy Van products that compliment the set beautifully.


Rebecca Beesley said...

love it! Tell Opeie we'd love to make a booking at his diner to come for breakfast one day. xxx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Well he has added a phone to his diner now. You are always more than welcome to come dine with us x