Thursday 16 January 2014

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

Yesterday was one of the rare days where me and Opeie didn't need to be anywhere to pick the troops up in the afternoon. Seth was off to his friend Williams for tea and Mrs M had a business meeting so we took full advantage and drove to Wolverhampton. I fancied pottering around some new charity shops and Opeie wanted to go to the art gallery so we wrapped up warm and ventured out.

We mooched through the charity shops when we got there and I found a few books I'm going to use for a craft idea we're going to be starting soon, then we made our way towards the gallery. We went a few months back to see the Ron Mueck exhibition and I was hoping there was something interesting on. Opeie made a bee line for his favourite spot as soon as we got there and sat down ready to create.

Opeie loves the 'build your own magnetic sculpture' and anything that you can look through or listen to. He's very enthusiastic and wants to give everything a try and he loves investigating.

The Ron Mueck exhibition had been replaced by a photography exhibition which wasn't really my thing but it was great seeing all the old fashioned cameras and old photos. Opeie started blowing a raspberry everytime I got the camera out which was funny.

Opeie was soon off and eager to look for some more headphones.

Once he had managed to listen to every hearing device he could find he wanted to dress up. Even though the boys have tried on the clothes many many times they still get as excited (I'd love to be in their shoes for the day)

We had planned to have lunch at the cafe there but the staff in there were so rude that we decided to leave. Sadly when you mention gluton, dairy free in some places they seem to panic. The woman in the cafe offered us a plain potato? And then bluntly said 'we can't help you'. So we headed over to Costa Coffee for a drink, Mrs M had filled my bag up with things for Opeie so he was sorted. We sat upstairs in the coffee shop and had an hour of people watching while we read the books we had bought.

I love just hanging out with Opeie, he is the best company and  really makes me laugh. After a while he started to look tired so we made our way back to the car and set off for home. A lovely few hours spent with one of my three favourite people.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

glad you had a nice day. Shame about the restaurant. I would have hoped most places seem clued up on allergies and intolerences these days. Love the blowing raspberries photo and opeie in a hat - adorable as always x