Friday 24 January 2014

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going."

It seems that the boys have gone Super Mario crazy recently and the DS's have been out a little more than usual. I believe that as long as gaming is done in moderation there is nothing wrong with it, and can be quite beneficial to their development,  despite some of the bad press it gets on parenting forums etc. 

The consoles have been great for many years  keeping Seth motivated during his physio, it's our time together to play with no interruptions, he looks forward to doing his Physio because he knows he gets to play his favorite games! When Seth was sent the new 2DS from  Nintendo,  I was really excited to give it a go too, I'm a big kid and  being the life long Nintendo fan that I am, I was super excited!!!!! 

 I'll be honest though I wasn't expecting to like it as much as the DSi and when it arrived my initial views were mixed. Seth knew he was going to love it as he'd seen it online and wasn't disappointed when it arrived. The thing I love about having new products for the boys to try, is that the opinions are raw, they don't value or judge things on how much they cost, if they're sought after or rare. They know when a products good, based on the entertainment it bring, how it inspires their imagination, or simply the curiosity and excitement that happens when playing- this is how Seth explained the 2DS

" It just makes me happy, it makes he feel like I'm inside the game playing with the Characters and makes me forget about my Physio, it's easy to hold and it's just the best console I've played with"

What I was concerned about for Seth's game play was the shape of the console, the spacing of the buttons and how the weight is at the top of the console rather than the bottom. Concerned because of Seths muscle limitations and his limited grip, i also thought because of the weight and shape it may make his hands feel uncomfortable. Clearly my concerns were unneeded. What surprised me was that Seth finds playing on the 2ds a lot more comfortable on his hands- which is great. The slim design and heaviness at the top means that he can grip the console tighter.

I've said it many times but I have a lot to thank Nintendo for over the years, as a kid myself I remember having so much fun with my Nintendo Game boy.  Now I'm a 'grown up' they are continuing to make a lasting impression on me with the quality quiet time I spend,  just  me and the boys.
 When we are stuck in the house on cold wet days, we've read lots of books, done Play-doh, painting,  science experiments it's nice to know we can have quiet time and sit down and play Nintendo.
Sometimes Seth is content doing his physio no questions asked, so he can have his own game time. He will ask me  play multi player, which is lovely too, it's nice having diversity to with Nintendo products, there is so much scope for their usage which I've wrote about before, traveling, holidays etc.

The introduction of the 2ds is making it increasing clear that i need that 3ds xl that I've been pining after for so long as Seth wants a team mate for Lego Marvel as my Nintendo Dsi is about 5 years old now, and can't keep up now with Seth's fancy one.

In answer to some of the emails ( there have been many, thanks to the other Nintendo geeks among us, haha!)  I have received recenly,  as soon as a 3Ds is in my possession I will give a full break down of the differences between to the models, as  I'll be interested to see for myself also. Watch this space my geeky friends!

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