Saturday 25 January 2014

"You know you're a cute little heartbreaker"

I'm quite sure that from that introduction you know what time it is, part four of the Giftsfromthepirates fox hunt. I'm laughing at myself as i type this because of how its become such a big thing for us, filling our outings wherever we go and all because of Opeie's love of 'Fox in Socks' by Dr. Seuss.The fox sightings seem to be slowing down recently although a month or so back one walked out in front of the car as i was driving home but i couldn't take a picture while i was driving. 

Opeie has been making great use of his fox SnooziHedz from Trunki, its been great to have in the car while the weather has been colder for when he drops off.

Tk Maxx has been great for our foxy entertainment...

We're still spotting the odd Fox related item of clothing but I'm thinking they are on their way out of the world of high street fashion now as they are not popping up as much as they were.

While pottering around Bridgnorth i walked straight past this window display but Opeie doesn't miss a thing, especially if it is Fox related and shouted "FOX". I really wish i had brought these fox cushions now that Ive seen the picture again. They would have looked great on our sofa.

Even Ikea's children's section has jumped on the foxy bandwagon...

Our best days fox hunting for post four was when we visited a garden centre just before Christmas with our friend Chris. The place seemed to have been taken over by a small army of our sly friends.

For Christmas our friend Chris brought us a Fox tea towel that you can cut out and make in to a toy which was interesting. He also got Mrs M some fox hand warmers, she really feels the cold so they were very much appreciated.

 While hunting for Dr. Seuss books in our local charity shop Opeie again spotted another fox, Swiper the fox was looking back at us so we took him home and gave him a warm and comfortable place to live.

And last but not least, the Foxes we have spotted in new books over the last few weeks including 'The bear song', 'It's Walter under the bridge' and 'The Gruffalo's child'.

Time to get hunting for post 5 i think, i love how this little bit of fun really keeps the boys entertained while we are out and about. 

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