Tuesday 14 January 2014

"Jerry Jordan's Jelly Jar and Jam begin that way"

Our friend Lea recently recommended a children's music class in our area called Clatterbugs which we decided to give a try today. I had told Opeie about it but he didn't seem to fussed at the idea. I feel quite bad because I've not taken Opeie to many children's classes / toddler groups, mainly because we have so much fun at home and he's always learning when we play and create. It's a little selfish I know but I've been keeping my best friend all to myself. I let Lea know we were coming an hour or so before the class and she messaged back saying today's theme is the letter 'J'. After the very brief mini panic at what we could take in I got thinking. My initial thought was making Jerry Jordan's jelly jar from one of Opeie's favourite books the Dr. Seuss ABC.

But as I drove home from dropping Mrs M and Seth off, Opeie said 'I want a fight' (he loves a good wrestle) an then I knew what we were going to do to entertain us before the class and prepare Opeie for the letter 'J'.

While we had been on the way to Mrs M's work Opeie had asked if he could watch despicable me when we got home so when we got back I sorted out the craft things we needed for our little activity and put the film on in The background. It couldn't have been a better film choice, as soon as he saw the little girls go to their dance class he was itching to get out the door, but first we needed to create.

All we needed was a cardboard tube, a humous pot and most importantly a roll of red and a roll of white Duck tape.

We wrapped the tube in red and white duck tape so it looked like a candy cane 

And then cut a hole in the humous pot to push the candy cane roll through securing it as I did. We then wrapped the humous pot in the white duck tape and voila, our quick craft session was complete. I remembered there was an mini plastic egg type container in the bathroom bin from some hair dye rubber gloves, so we attached that to the end to make it look tidyer. With the help of Seth's wooden shield we had a very happy Jausting knight.

The start of the class was a little awkward because Opeie was very clingy and didn't want to get involved, it made me realise just how much I need to get him mingling. Thanks to one of the nice moms handing him a bee puppet he started to relax and by the time the musical instruments came out Opeie was marching around happy banging a drum with maracas. We didn't know many of the songs so quietly joined in where we could but when we heard the okey cokey we knew it was our time to shine.

By the end of the class which was lots of fun and very welcoming Opeie was desperate for more. It can sometimes be a little daunting coming to these sort of things as a stay at home dad and usually the only male, but there was what I can only describe as a super grandad taking part which put me at ease. After the class we had a chat with Julie the class leader to arrange coming again and to let her know what a great time we had had. She was a bubbly character who was very friendy and Opeie was comfortable chatting to her.

Thanks Clatterbugs and thanks Lea for the recommendation. Next weeks theme is 'Snow' so we better get our thinking caps on.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

I feel guilty too about doing so much less with T compared to what I used to do with the boys. We used to have activities on everyday - but actually I think as long as they get the chance to do some stuff, they're not missing out. I've found T loves nothing better than staying home, doing a spot of drawing, helping hang the washing out, and potter round the house helping. I am going to take her to more toddler groups now the boys are back at school but I think it is just as important to spend time at home together. I love your craft idea - that is superb! x