Monday 6 January 2014

"Daddy, whats inside a Sprout?"

I don't know where the Christmas holiday went, one minute I was binging on mince pies and the next minute Christmas was a distant memory. Seth went back to school today, that's when you know Christmas is over. After dropping Mrs M off at work it was back to being just me and mini me.

I'm ashamed to say that over the holidays the TV had been on more than I'd like and because the boys got new games for Christmas the consoles were on a little to much too so today was going to be a tv/ipad/ds and laptop free morning, plus I put my phone to one side too as I'm a bugger for checking and replying to blog related emails throughout the day.

First on our morning agenda was drawing and painting. As opeie has become a huge Nintendo fan over Christmas he requested that I draw him Luigi and Toad so that he could paint them which he did a sterling job of.

After painting we picked a few of Opeie's new books from Christmas and sat down for a cuddle and story time. Our friends Sam and Jamie brought him 'Bear's song' which he loves as he get to search for baby bear on each page who is hiding. We also read Hugless Douglas, Zog and Happy Birthday Santa. I was kind of hoping the reading would send him off for a nap but no chance of that.

After reading a few books and my unsuccessful attempt at getting him down, we practiced his alphabet for a bit using his Bigjigs alphabet board, I'm trying my best to get him to remember which letter is which but its taking its time. He definitely knows which is 'A' and which is 'Z'.

Before we knew it it was time for lunch. Since the Opening of Opeie's diner on Christmas day Opeie has been really getting  involved with the food prep at meal times and today was no different. he happily sat with me at his table hacking away at vegetables while i sliced some up to make pasta sauce. The hacking away then led to a very curious Opeie asking 'daddy whats inside a sprout?'. I asked him what he thought, which was interesting and then i explained that there was only one way to find out and handed him a sprout.

Opeie happily sat for about 30 minutes with a look if intense concentration on his face and peeled that sprout until it looked like a tiny bean. "so Opeie whats inside a sprout?".... "More sprout!" he said with a very disappointed look on his face.

Well it kept him occupied while i made lunch (which was delicious) and then it was time to pick the princess up from work and give her all the love and attention she deserves. Opeie finally had his nap although with the time he went to bed this evening i think it may be a good idea to try and phase his daytime naps out. I need to get back in to the swing of finding fun things for me and Opeie to do during the days now because he'll be starting nursery soon (which is filling me with dread).

Now to search the internet for something fun to do tomorrow, Goodnight.


Rebecca Beesley said...

Fab question to ask - 'what's inside a sprout' and great that he had the patience to find out too. xxx

GiftsFromThePirates said...

It shocked that he kept up with it but he is quite persistent at times xx