Friday 30 November 2012

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet."

Today we travelled into Birmingham to pick up some print work for Mrs M. We arranged to have lunch with Chris too which was great. We were excited about having a catch up with Chris (or my 'Bromance' as Mrs M calls him) and we were excited about having lunch at TGI'S as we hadn't eaten there since we were in Florida earlier in the year, but more importantly i was mainly excited because the German Christmas market was on and that meant one thing...

The German Market will always be really special to me and Mrs M, it was on when we first met each other and it played its part in our very romantic first date and many nights out after. There was something about the atmosphere and the cold weather that made our nights out so perfect. Whenever the Christmas market is on and were there i get butterflies, probably sounds silly to most people but meeting Mrs M completely changed my life and she really helped me out over a pretty dark time in my life. She has definitely made me a better person, i realise that every day but around Christmas and being at that market it just hits me more.

The christmas we met it was very very cold and the one night we had been at the market standing outside wrapped up drinking nice hot blueberry mulled wine when it started to snow. It was such a lovely night and i remember standing there thinking how lucky i felt to be standing there with Mrs M. Since then every year we have been and collected our German Market mugs and that was what i was so excited about today.

We almost missed our Christmas mugs last year because of Seth being Poorly and having to head straight home as soon as we got there but luckily we got a chance to go again before it closed. This year we got in early but were planning on going there next weekend to spend some time with friends and fully take in the festive atmosphere.

Until then we will be using our mugs but not for mulled wine unfortunately, Mrs M favours her Madagascar Vanilla red Rooibos tea and I'm more of a Twinings Earl Grey kinda guy myself.


helen said...

i love this photo!

MerrySwedePrints said...

I love the german Christmas Market ! I love the way all the people who work there are so friendly! Which other ones have you been to? x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

ive been to one in manchester a few years back but thats it. id like to go to the one in bath. have you been to any? thanks for the comment x