Wednesday 14 November 2012

"It's kryptonite, Superman. Little souvenir from the old home town. I spared no expense to make you feel right at home."

I really want Seth to write all of the posts about his birthday presents. It may take some time but we will get there. Its hard to get him to write during the week as he's usually pretty tired after school. We had William stay over this weekend as a late birthday celebration for Seth as that's what he had asked for.  Even though he was shattered when William went home (after their late night and 5am get up), i still managed to squeeze a post out of him, cleverly asking questions while we were playing Lego. So here he is...

"Me and pauly have been playing lots of Lego batman on the Xbox and on one of the levels we had to defeat the joker boss. It's a big joker robot. After that level you have to defeat Lex Luther in a big Lexbot. When we were in Florida mommy and Pauly brought me a Lego Lexbot which I love but I bet me and Pauly could make a better one couldn't we Pauly? Seth we could make a better anything!!

I like using the lexbot when I'm playing with my mini figures I pretend I'm playing the levels on the game. When I was playing a few weeks ago I said to Pauly that I would like a joker bot for my birthday. The joker bot was my last present to open and I was really excited because I wanted to battle my mini figures.

 We went out to the art gallery at Wolverhampton there were these headphones and this man was saying 'this way to Wolverhampton' in a funny voice. We did some drawing too, we had to draw things that happened in 2012 I drawed some of my birthday toys, mommy drew some of our rabbits cause weve had loads of new rabbits. Pauly drawed the avengers sign because there was a new film and he drew a golden ring because he gave one to mommy when we were at Florida.

 When we got home William came round in the car and he brought me something for my birthday when I opened it was a Lego batman bot and a cool batman car. I really liked them and I thought I could use him to battle the joker bot and Lex Luther. I was thinking I can't wait for William to come for the sleep over so we can play with them together."

Well that's two down, plenty more to go yet though. Hoping to get them all done by Christmas. Thank you William, Matthew, Vicki And Steve that was very kind of you, and if your interested in what Seth has to say about other presents so far click here.

Next up i think will be Nanny Roo's present which apparently was the highlight of Seth's day.

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