Thursday 15 November 2012

"They're heroes in a half-shell and they're green"

Weve started the Culling of Seth's room in preperation for Christmas and as much as i would love to keep all of our toys for when the boys are older, some of the things that haven't been played with for quite some time are just going to have to go to free up some space. Seth's room is literally wall to wall toys and although we haven't gone mad this year for Christmas were still going to need room for the new things that both him and Opeie get.

First to go which to be honest I'm not to fussed about is Seth's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures. I used to love them when i was younger so i started buying them for Seth when he decided that he liked the cartoon. They haven't been played with for a very long time and do take up quite some space.

We did have quite a lot of fun playing with these even if now i do think that the cartoon is quite annoying. Well tonight Ive listed them so that will be a bit of extra space. A few months back i was going to buy krang and the technodrome as i saw them on ebay for a reasonable price and I'm kicking myself now as having them in the collection would have really upped the price.

I still think its such a shame when toys lose their appeal and they are sold on, especially if the boys are anything like me as i spend loads of time wishing i still had many of the toys i used to play with when i was younger. Hopefully Seth wont be wishing he had these. I'm only selling them really because in comparison to some of his toys these never really got the attention they probably deserved. Its nice to know they will probably go to a collector or someone that will really appreciate them.

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Angie said...

Have you listed these on eBay already? if so could you send me the item number please? my boys would go crazy for these.
fab blog by the way