Friday 2 November 2012

'Our little superhero turns 6'

This morning we all woke up in a great mood as it was Seth's birthday, 6 years old going on 30. Seth was very excited about the pile of presents waiting for him, we didn't go mad with the gifts this year as unlike a lot of children Seth does get a lot of toys throughout the year, the perks of having a toy obsessed parent i guess.

Mrs M set a table up in the lounge for a lovely birthday breakfast for the boys and we got to use the plates and cups that we brought for Seth's birthday in Florida earlier in the year.

Seth loved his presents and Opeie was on hand in case Seth had any unwrapping issues. 

We were so organised this year with Seth's presents, but last night as the boys went to bed Mrs M walked into the kitchen and we looked at each other......CAKE!!! I don't know how wad managed to forget a birthday cake. It was getting late and we had a lot to sort out which left us no time to bake and decorate it appropriately so off i trotted to Asda. I didn't like any of the cakes so as Seth loves cheesecake i brought one and decided to decorate it with what i could find around the house. Im very resourceful. 

Once again Craig and Nicola's Batman sticker book came in handy for the decoration and it would have been rude not to include one of Seth's beloved imaginext figures.

I will be writing about the new toys (obviously) but i will do it over a few posts as I'm quite sure that seth will want to talk about them himself especially Nanny Roo's present so be sure to keep reading over the next week or so.

Our lovely morning was followed by a fun afternoon of Seth's choice which Mrs M wants to write about on the next post.

So until next year Happy Birthday Seth, your an amazing little boy and i feel blessed every day to be part of your life. You, Opeie and Mommy are and will always be my best friends and i love you dearly.


Lego Lover UK said...

I love the Birthday cheesecake!!!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

i love any cheesecake. its the reason for the extra ring i have. thanks for reading x