Thursday 8 November 2012

"Pink, it was love at first sight"

I was really excited last week when Mrs M brought me some pink Lego (yes i am easily amused). I did feel a little guilty though too as it was brought on Seth's birthday, very naughty as its Seth's special day. Ive been after some bright coloured Lego for quite some time, we have a lot of Lego but have managed to avoid the nice colour bricks somehow. Well a few nights back Mrs M decided to watch a documentary about beards (she loves a good beard) so i sat down and started building with my new bricks.

Ive been dying to make something pretty. Its always batman and Star Wars builds in our house so being able to build with pinks and purples was great. So i set about building something cute for our minifigures to live in. The bricks are great but the little finishing touches that came with the pink box really added to the purchase.

After finishing the house i added the finishing touches and i couldn't help but chuckle to myself. The 'Girls Lego' (as they call it) came with a little Lego croissant, very feminine i thought...

That day we had also been to collect Sundays free Lego Kit from The Sun Newspaper and it was Frodo from Lord of the rings an apparently more manly Lego kit. Did he come with a croissant??? Oh no, he came with a much more macho German sausage...

Whats more macho than a German sausage?? That's right nothing! The house will be broken up soon I'm sure, i only used it for something quick to build to see what the new colours were like, i wish i had had them when i built Seth's Jokers Ice cream truck it would have ended up looking a lot nicer. Id like to build something more interesting with them now so if anyone out there has any ideas/requests please let me know, i love  a good challenge.

Thanks Mrs M for the fancy Lego, you've made this hairy nerd very happy.

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sammy said...

I love the pink Lego, so fun! x