Friday 9 November 2012

“Creative minds are rarely tidy”

tidying up is rubbish!! its all we seem to do around the house and it's one of the many things that stresses Mrs M out. Occasionally when partaking in this annoying activity there is a shimmer of light when you stumble on something that you had forgotten you had. With any luck some of those times it might be a fiver you folded up into a square and slid in the useless mini pocket on your jeans (does anyone know what that pocket is actually for). Sadly not this time but i was equally as happy.

A while back when Mrs M kindly brought me Arkham City for being a good boy i was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it came with six great postcards with images from the game. I wasn't sure what i was going to do with them, so like everything in our house that doesn't have a home it gets shoved anywhere where there is a space (or maybe that's just me?).

I still have know idea what I'm going to do with them? Any idea's? I might just randomly post them to people i know who will appreciate them with a nice little message on them. Or possibly add a bit of tinsel and glitter and send them out as Christmas cards, who knows? they will probably end up being glued to one of Seth's pictures if i don't do something with them soon.

Either way im glad i found them. Still doesnt motivate me to tidy up more though.

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