Monday 5 November 2012

"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!"

Hello, It's Mrs M again!!!

I wanted to write a quick blog about an amazing offer I found on Lego, Duplo kits & brick sets yesterday! Boots are doing Lego Sets 3 for 2 at the moment, which is really good value! The 3 for 2 actually spans over lots of brands of toys and is a real money saver for Christmas!

I have been saving my Boots advantage points for ages, and I was also given quite a few thousand extra a few months back for being a loyal Boots customer, so I thought i'd put them to good use and buy some bits of Lego for the boys and Papa as Pauly has been wanting some for a while!

I bought 6 boxes of Lego using my Boots points, which in total cost me £0! A brilliant bargain!

 I think Opeie loves Boots as much as me!

The 3 for 2 lego! We also bought a box of blue lego for Seth for Christmas... Pauly said he wanted to start collecting the Pink Lego because he really loved the blue, green, purple and orange shades you get within the boxes... I totaly agree , the colours are beautiful and it is really lovely to look at visually!

I decided to treat Opeie to a couple of boxes of Duplo with my Boots Advantage Points, as he only had a really small collection of Duplo, about 30 bricks, and it was hard to make and build something with a very limited amount. So these are technically part of Opeies Christmas presents , but he's had it early.

The boxes are clever as the lids click tight on, and you can stack them perfectly too.

Opeie really loves playing with bricks and I think he finds the Duplo easier due to the size.

The boys had fun playing today and made a very colourful house for their Duplo bunnies.

 As I said before I love the colours of Lego bricks, and the Pink brick boxes are really lovely. Pauly being a big fan of green & pink combos is really in his eliment.... when we popped into Toys R Us earlier to pick up The Sun's free Lego Offer the store manager said he'd been to the Manchester Lego shop & how amazing it was.... apparently you can make Christmas baubles there & fill buckets with bricks of your choice! I think we will be going there at some point soon......

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Lego Lover UK said...

I love the photos on here, i adore bright colours!!!