Monday 5 November 2012

'The guilt of a loving brother'

Earlier this week Seth burst Opeie's favourite Mickey mouse ball by rolling on it. Opeie didnt seem to bothered about it but Seth got very very upset and there was a lot of tears. It was an accident and these things happen but it didn't stop him feeling bad.

Later in the day we went off to Ikea and decided to pop into the TK Maxx round the corner (i love to have a mooch through the toy section). While we were walking around Seth spotted an Oscar the grouch bin truck and asked me very nicely if he could get it for Opeie to say sorry for busting his ball. I could have cried, Seth can be such a cutie.

Obviously i got it for him along with some building blocks which i think i will be writing about on my next post. Opeie was of course a very happy boy, not only about the toy but also about the very loving apology cuddle that came with it.


Rebecca Beesley said...

ahhh - how sweet! x

GiftsFromThePirates said...

He is an adorable little boy and he loves his brother very much. Its so nice watching them together x