Friday 16 November 2012

'The peugeot entertainment centre'

Again I am sitting in the car waiting, but this time I feel very privileged as Opeie is awake and sitting on my lap with a big smile on his face. Mrs M has had to go somewhere briefly, work related and myself and the little prince are waiting patiently.

We did try and get him down for a sleep but he was having none of it. Thankfully
I remembered to pick up the iPad and were watching Yo Gabba Gabba and having a sing and a dance. Hooray for modern technology. I used to watch a TV in the car when I was little and waiting for my mom to come out of work, only a portable TV back then was black and white and the size and shape of a Dr Martens boot box. Also most of the TV viewing was spent trying to angle the ariel in awkward positions to get the best reception (happy days).

Well Mrs M came back and we headed off although it wasn't long till i was waiting again and this time the little angel had gone to sleep so I think it's time for me to read some comics or play my DSH. I hope i don't sound negative about being in the car waiting. It does give me a chance to do the things I enjoy for a short period of time in nice quiet surroundings. I also love looking back into the mirror and seeing that beautiful boy of mine sleepy and peaceful, I'm a very lucky daddy.

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