Tuesday 26 March 2013

Another act of kindness from the loving big brother.

Its Opeie's second birthday in a couple of days and we're all getting very excited, when it comes to that little cutie i am always blown away with how kind and caring Seth is. He's always sharing and always does kind things for his little brother. A few weeks back Seth came to me and said that there was something specific he wanted to buy Opeie for his birthday, he wasn't sure how much it cost but he wanted to know whether he could sell some of his old toys on eBay so that he could buy it for his little brother.

We had a good mooch round his room and i got listing on eBay. We sold a couple of things which made us enough for Seth to buy what he wanted and when it arrived a couple of days back he was very excited and now cant wait to give it to the birthday boy. While Opeie was in the bath tonight we wrapped it quickly so its all ready for the big day.

I think its adorable how much he loves Opeie, i would never have done something like that for my sisters at that age, he's a very lovely little boy. Hopefully Opeie will be exactly the same as he is brought up with the same values and will always be told how important it is to take care and do nice things for the people that love you.


Em @ snowingindoors said...

I am amazed at just how kind Seth is, the wonderful example he sets is bound to result in Opeie being just as kind hearted and thoughtful. You and Mrs M are obviously doing a great job raising your boys!

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Awwww... thanks Em,
Its important to be thoughtful and that's how we will always bring our boys up and your right im sure Opeie will be exactly the same. we all put each other first here. thanks for the lovely comment xxx