Thursday 14 March 2013

You never see Spider-man going food shopping!!!

Going food shopping is grim! as my friend Chris put it tonight 'It's a chore'. It's not just the standing at the end of the checkout watching the final item getting swiped through and realising that you've spent 3 times what you had planned (although it add's to the experience) but more the aisle upon aisle of supermarket zombies walking around filling their trollies in a daze (that Includes me), there's something about walking through those doors that sends me into a trance and why is it I can never remember what I need? Even if we've written a list I still manage to forget something important like loo roll. Mrs M says I spend most of my time walking round with my head in the clouds, the supermarket just seems to magnify that.

Luckily today mine and Opeie's silent agreement has kicked in and he dropped off right before we arrived, Perfect timing. Thus leaving Mrs M to go in rather than me as she shops like a grown up and I'm more likely to hit the toy aisle and add a minifigure or two. well I have to add something to make the experience more exciting. If your a regular reader then you'll know that I love this time in the car to reflect, or in this case have a little man moan.

At least when we get home i can take advantage of all the goodies that Mrs M has picked up so at least that's something. Fingers crossed this is the last time we will have to come this week.  

Rant over...

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Chris said...

Bang on with this one, for me the DVD's and games are my escape - but I'm sure when we have kids it'll be the toy aisle.

Luckily our local place has a costa coffee in so I get to buy a magazine and grab a coffee while Chelle shops!