Tuesday 5 March 2013

"We cast a shadow on something wherever we stand."

I love how excited Opeie gets about EVERYTHING, it would be amazing to be him for a day. When your an innocent child of 2 many of the things you experience on a daily basis are completely new to you, going through that again would be amazing. In the kitchen today while we were cooking there was a small Moth like insect flying about low and it blew Opeie's tiny mind. He was running about and screaming excitably shouting fly with a big smile on his face.

Today was also the first time Opeie has really paid full attention to his shadow, the school playground became the perfect play area for him and his over sized silhouette, as he chased it about, it's such a shame that as an adult most of us become hardened to the simple fun things that happen day to day.

Here's to being a big kid myself.

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Jenny at The Brick Castle said...

That's really coincidental, but on the way to pick up his brother from pre-school yesterday my 2yo (very nearly 3) 'stamped' the entire way trying to stand on his shadow. We got to school in the same amount of time, but I think we covered about 3x the normal distance!
It's so great when children find something fascinating and remind us to slow down and take a look ourselves... :)