Sunday 3 March 2013

A weekend building activity - Building a Lego Batman Tumbler

What do you want to do this weekend Seth? Erm.... I'd like to build a Lego tumbler! Seth could have chosen to do anything but that was his big plan for the weekend. He has been asking me for some time for a Batman tumbler and I'll be honest I've been avoiding it as Seth wanted it built with the Lego instructions we had downloaded online and I was concerned we wouldn't have all the parts. This weekend I finally caved and said I'd give it a go.

The sun was out for a change so there was no way we were going to spend the whole weekend building Lego so after Tae kwon do we headed over to visit auntie Lotty and had a good walk round the park and got the playground all to ourselves which was nice...

We got home at lunch time and once we had eaten we got on with the building.. When you have as much Lego as we do, building from downloaded instructions can be really tedious as it takes time searching for specific pieces, Seth was more than happy to help though and it's always nice spending time playing together. I knew somewhere along the build we would be missing a part, but as with all our builds I tweak them to make them work (I even had to melt and reshape a couple of pieces to make them fit).

It took us two days of serious rooting  but we managed to pull it together, Seth was really excited and kept saying he was really proud of me (so cute), he never said that when i made the Ice-cream parlour and that was from our imagination, kids! Seth's been playing with it none stop which is always great to see and Ive been told were attempting two-faces truck next so be sure to check in on us again. Anyway here's the finished piece...

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