Saturday 9 March 2013

My ever loving gaze. Smitten since day one.

 If people could see me at home I'm sure they would think i was a bit of a mental case. Earlier this evening Mrs M said she was going in the bath and after the hectic day she has had with yet another night of minimal sleep kicking it off (thanks to that little cherub of ours... Or mine according to Mrs M when he's been a tinker), It was clear that she would be wanting to relax in the tub without said cherub using the bath for this weeks superhero scuba class. So i grabbed the duvet so that we could snuggle on the sofa and give mommy some peace and quiet. Opeie requested 'Cat in the Hat' as he's going through a Dr Seuss phase at the moment (which I'm loving).

Opeie was engrossed in the cat's escapades and as usual i found myself engrossed in Opeie. I spent the entire 30 minutes of the cartoon staring at him and smiling, do any of you other parents find yourself doing this? is this normal behaviour? I find him fascinating! Becoming a dad is by far the greatest thing i have ever done and will ever do in my life and the boys give me never ending entertainment. I spend most of my day with Opeie with a huge smile on my face and i have shed many a happy tear just because he is around. The day we brought him home Myself and Mrs M curled up on the sofa and had a good cry. Being a dad is so overwhelming and something i would never take for granted, i have been through a lot in life to get me to this point. A few weeks after he arrived i took him out in the car to get him to sleep and as he drifted off i was watching him in the mirror and i burst in to tears, i had to pull over to let it all out. I was quite the teary mess over those first few weeks.

I was smitten by Opeie within seconds of Mrs M waving the pregnancy test at me and i knew from that moment i would do anything in my power to make sure he was always happy. He's a very smiley and excited boy so i know we're doing a great job, i really hope he's always like that. We wont be having any more children due to issues with the pregnancy so i knew i wanted to be at home with Opeie, i didn't want to miss anything. Spending as much time with your children in the first few years is really important, i wanted to have a really strong bond with him early on.

Opeie is going to be two in a few weeks and i cant believe how quickly he is growing up. The last two years have gone by with the blink of an eye but we have had such an amazing time together so far and our family is so strong. I really couldn't ask for more amazing people in my life. His speech is coming on beautifully and so many of the things that come out of his mouth make my heart melt. I'm sure when he wakes up in the morning and we are back on the sofa cuddling again i will go back to my Opeie induced catatonic state, but having a child as beautiful as him how could i not.


Anonymous said...

An then ............ they grow up

GiftsFromThePirates said...

I don't want to think about that at the moment, i'll just live in my fantasy world for a while where he stays small. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You are a brilliant dad ! Your so inspirational !

GiftsFromThePirates said...

Thank you that's really kind of you. My family are everything to me. Thanks for reading x