Monday 11 March 2013

You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!”

So, The last 24 hours have been really good! I'm always grateful for everyday since being ill, but sometimes things start to look even rosier than they did the day before. Yesterday after I published the Mother's day post that I finished off, I got a phone call unexpectedly from a guy who had interviewed me a few weeks before, to say out of 440 people ( I know, loads!) I'd got the job! I was so happy, it is a brilliant job, and I am so happy as it will bring so much more opportunity our way. This morning, with a spring in my step, I headed out to my course I've been doing to gain some extra qualifications for my career. I had a really good few hours with some interesting case studies, and ideas flying around. When I was done I was greeted in the snow ( Yes, snow! ) by Pauly and Opeie, in a steamy car, which was toasty warm and welcoming! Opeie was grasping a new book by Dr. Seuss , and Pauly had Dr Seuss Green Eggs & Ham being sung by Bob Dylan on the iPod & stereo..... an interesting combination I can tell you! 
I think that Dr Seuss can teach children some amazing things, not only how to have an imagination, explore, and how it's important not to take life too seriously, but also how it's important to see the positives.

When we finally got home after a trip to Holland and Barrett for Dairy/Soya free snacks for Opeie, a trip to Tesco ( eugh) for yummy veg, and a sit in the car whilst I fed Opeie milk til he fell asleep, whilst also car dancing to this song.... we got home, and Opeie decided he wanted to do some colouring in pages from Dr Seuss.

After the boys had been bathed, they did some more colouring in, and then watched Cat in the Hat on TV and also on the Macbook simultaneously.... these crazy boys have a new way of multitasking! They did some more colouring in, played with the Florida Thing 1 and Thing 2 toys, and looked at the books Pauly bought from the charity shop earlier.

All in all, a busy, happy, fun few hours! I've really got into Dr Seuss the last couple of years, especially since we went to Florida, it's such a colourful and happy place. This weekend we watched 'Cat In The Hat' from a few years ago, you know the one with Mike Myers? Well, I fell in love with it! Not so much the actual story, as I know that off by heart ( it's a great story ) but I love the costumes, set and colours!

I've decided our new house when we get round to moving will resemble that house. Maybe I will dress the boys as Thing 1 and Thing 2 .... watch this space!

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