Tuesday 16 July 2013

"Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk."

Yesterday at the end of school Seth came out and asked me if I wanted to see his work, the classroom was open for parents to come in and have a look at all the great work the children had been doing. I love looking through Seth's work, it's always nice to see what he's been getting up to. His reading and writing is fantastic and he is in all the top groups, we couldn't be more proud as parents. The things that really interest me in Seth's work though are the way he expresses himself through drawing and his imagination when I read the short stories he has come out with.

I was in school for quite some time going through each of his subjects and reading his work, kicking myself with every page turn that I had left my phone at home as I wanted to take pictures of most of it. One piece of work was so cute and also really made me chuckle so when I dropped him in this morning I asked his teacher if I could take a quick photo of it.

In his science lesson Seth had been learning about how we change in our appearance throughout our life and had been asked to draw three pictures of himself, as a baby, how he is now and also how he thinks he will look when he is older. What made me chuckle is that firstly he's not expecting to have any hair but that he also feels that the bold head, beard/curly mustache combo is what its all about and is what he will be going for in his adult years, Never really pegged myself as a trend setter but clearly this is a strong look.

 When i asked Seth about it he laughed and simply said "I'm going to look cool like you when I'm older". Seth is too cute for words.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

so cute! Fantastic drawings - love them x